Ngaruiya Mary Njeri

Ngaruiya Mary Njeri
Project Title
Psychosocial Heuristic Factors Of An Interactive Mobile Device For Geriatric Persons
Degree Name
Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Information Systems
Project Summary


We aimed to identify and explore the priority psychosocial considerations for the gerontechnology design for Kenyan geriatrics. Our informants were a convenience sample of eight older adults (female = 4, age range 65 years to 78 years; and males = 4, age range 70 years to 78years) from an assisted living facility. We interviewed them on their regular mobile phone usage to better understand the factors affecting the usage of modern technology by older Kenyan persons. Thematic analysis of the data yielded two themes categorised as physical and psychosocial factors. Physical factors related to usability and user experience of older persons when using mobile phones. Psychosocial factors related to the emotional design experienced by older people when using mobile phones. These findings suggest a need to blend technology-centred and psychosocial factors for interactive mobile interfaces designed for developing country geriatrics.