Strengthening Collaborative Ties: FST Hosts Professors from Croatia

The Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Nairobi recently hosted three professors from the University of Slavonski Brod in Croatia. The visiting professors were Prof. Lackovic Ivica (Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering), Prof. Nakic Petar (Professor of Electrical and Information Engineering), and Prof. Sivric Hrvoge (Professor of Social Sciences and Humanities).

During their visit, the Croatian professors engaged in fruitful discussions with the acting Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof. Andrew Kahonge, exploring potential avenues for collaboration, particularly in the field of informatics. This meeting marked the beginning of what promises to be a mutually beneficial partnership between the two institutions.

Dr. Ezekiel Mecha, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biochemistry within the Faculty of Science and Technology, played a pivotal role in hosting the visiting scholars and facilitating dialogue between the universities.

The visit comes on the heels of a collaborative agreement signed between the two universities in 2023.This agreement outlines various collaborative initiatives, including student and staff exchange programs, joint research endeavors, and collaborative grant writing efforts. Such initiatives aim to foster academic exchange, promote knowledge sharing, and advance research frontiers in key areas of mutual interest. During their visit, the professors explored ways to strengthen the partnership.

This academic collaboration will enrich research and education at both institutions It also underscores a commitment to international cooperation and academic excellence. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, both institutions are poised to make significant strides in advancing education, research, and innovation on a global scale.